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Whataburger Satisfaction Customer Survey: www.whataburgersurvey.com

Tell Whataburger your experience and receive a FREE WHATABURGER with purchase of a Large Fry and Large Drink on your next visit.

About Whataburger Customer Survey

This receipt survey is for customers who have visited a Whataburger location and received an invitation to participate found at the bottom of their meal receipt. Its objective is to collect customers’feedbacks and use it to develop and improve the experience for all customer.

How to Take Part In The web Survey

Go to the Whataburger Customer Survey site, first we need to enter the Survey Code from your receipt and you will be prompted to begin a short survey. Then answer the questions on each page, then click the "Next" button to continue to the next question. This survey may take about 3 to 5 minutes to finish. Upon completion, you will receive the offer printed on your receipt.

About Whataburger

Whataburger is a privately held, American regional fast food restaurant chain, based in San Antonio, Texas, that specializes in hamburgers. This is what i would call a Burger. Too large to finish it! Just go there and forget Burger King or McDonald's. Go there as often as we can.